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 Business Strategy

The Company’s management is focused on building the business and expanding its market share. Stinar seeks to achieve growth by continually improving operations, increasing its marketing scope and expanding products into new as well as existing international markets. The Company’s business strategy includes, but is not limited to, the following key elements:

Customized Products – Stinar Corporation offers highly customized products to all its customers. Each product is designed to meets our customer’s individual requirements.

Product Quality – High product quality differentiates Stinar from its competition. Each order is reviewed with Engineering, Production and Quality Control to insure accuracy with a goal of total customer satisfaction.

Maintain Solid Relationships - It is our belief that we are in partnership with our customers with a mutual goal of customer satisfaction. We work closely with our customers to provide a product design that meets their unique equipment needs.

International Presence – Stinar has expanded its international presence through the use of Agents throughout the world. We have a presense in most Middle Eastern countries, Asia, Turkey, Russia and its former States.

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